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“If you could give 200 words worth of advice to a Fine Art student in 2015…”

November 26, 2015

Leeds Uni -9.jpg (composite 1)

Following the (packed) “Rorschach Audio” demonstration at The University of Leeds Chemistry Building in Oct 2014, Leeds University’s School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies invited 12 guest speakers to offer “a short answer to a big question”, with a very loose brief… “If you could give 200 words worth of advice to a Fine Art student in 2015, what would it be?”… for publication in an A5 chapbook produced in May 2015.

Authors (contributing one page each) include Tim Etchells (performance artist and co-founder, Forced Entertainment), Richard Forster (sculptor and draughtsman), Oona Grimes (multimedia artist and story teller), Melissa Gronlund (writer and editor, Afterall), Mishka Henner (photographic and web artist), Jennifer Higgie (writer and editor, Frieze), Pavilion (commissioning agency), Grace Schwindt (sculptor and film and performance artist), Molly Smyth (sculptor), Alison Turnbull (painter), Covandonga Valdes (painter) and Joe Banks (founder of Disinformation). The booklet is edited by Nick Thurston and published in association with The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Art Gallery, Pavilion and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. “Art is not necessarily science, but science is always art”; “All artworks are psychology experiments”; “Don’t destroy all rational thought”; “The medium isn’t the message”; “Art should never be boring”…

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  1. Thanks. Any link to where I can buy/download one of these A5 books?

    • Rorschach Audio permalink

      Hi Per, apparently some of the artists didn’t want their contributions made available online, as for print copies, I’ll ask if any are available and give you a shout

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