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Disinformation – Project Info


Disinformation is a sound, video and kinetic art project, which, since 1995, produces a series of pioneering experimental music and installation art works, using electromagnetic (often VLF radio) noise, radiated by live mains electricity, lightning, industrial and IT hardware, railway and metro systems, and even the sun, etc. Disinformation rapidly crossed-over into the field of installation art, exhibiting the highly influential “National Grid” sound installation at the Museum of Installation in 1997, “The Analysis of Beauty” at Kettle’s Yard, and a hugely successful (and wildly interactive) sound, light and experimental painting installation (since retitled “The Origin of Painting”) at The Hayward Gallery in 2000, among many others. Disinformation also exhibited and published the earliest (and, to date, by far the most extensive) artist documentations of the monolithic concrete air-defence “sound mirrors” found at various sites on the UK coast.

Disinformation has recorded 8 commercially published CDs and LPs, performed more than 150 concerts etc, shown work in over 60 group exhibitions, and been the subject of 19 UK solo exhibitions. Disinformation has performed and exhibited internationally and in the UK, in nuclear bunkers, bank vaults, chapels and church crypts, a railway tunnel, trawlers, a punk squat, cinemas, outdoor sculpture parks, nightclubs, community centres, pubs, cocktail bars, libraries, numerous universities and art galleries, in the Olympic stadium in Barcelona and in major art galleries and museums.

Disinformation exhibits have been described as “actively thrilling” by The Financial Times, as “particularly sensuous” by The Wire, as “visually sophisticated” and “distinctive and intelligent” by Art Monthly, and as “mesmerising” by Aesthetica Magazine. Author Hari Kunzru described Disinformation as (the) “poet of noise”, while sci-fi writer Jeff Noon wrote in The Independent that “people are fascinated by this work”. The Metro newspaper described Disinformation as “the black-ops unit of the avant garde”, while The Guardian described how “Disinformation combine scientific nous with poetic lyricism to create some of the most beautiful installations around”.

Disinformation founder Joe Banks is a former Honourary Visiting Fellow at the City University in London, an AHRC-sponsored Research Fellow at Goldsmiths College and the University of Westminster, and author of the book “Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound”. Joe has written for Art Monthly, Cabinet, Sound Projector and Shoppinghour magazines, for Strange Attractor Journal, The Psychologist (published by the British Psychological Society), for the AXNS (Art x Neuroscience), Slash Seconds, MIA Journal (Moving Image Artists) and Clot Magazine websites, and for Leonardo Music Journal (published by the MIT Press).

Disinformation Solo Exhibitions

Now Pop 2, Outernet Arts (London) May to July 2023
The Rapture, Cable Depot (London) June to July 2022
Antithesis [virtual exhibition], Schemata Arts (London) March 2022 – onwards
Language [as] Meta-Technology, White Box (London) July 2021
Language [as] Meta-Technology, Passen-gers Offsite, Sluice HQ (London) Nov 2018
Georgian Gallery, Talbot Rice (Edinburgh) Nov 2014
Usurp Gallery (London) Jan to March 2011
Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle) Feb 2009
Goldsmiths College (London) Dec 2008
Saltburn Artists Projects, Jan to Feb 2007
Canolfan Gelf Wrecsam, Oct to Dec 2006
The Foundry [sub-basement] (London) Oct 2006
The Foundry [sub-basement] (London) Oct 2005
The Mac (Birmingham) July to Aug 2005
Q Arts / Quad (Derby) June to July 2004
South Hill Park (Bracknell) April to May 2004
Quay Arts (Isle of Wight) Feb to March 2004
Ashcroft Arts Centre (Fareham) Sept 2003
The Huddersfield Art Gallery, Jan to March 2003
Fabrica Gallery (Brighton) Nov to Dec 2001

Selected Group Exhibitions

Sounds & Shapes, Drawing Matter (Yarlington, Somerset) July 2021
Audiosphere [Audiosfera], Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid) Oct 2020 to Jan 2021
Light | Sensitive | Material, University of West London, Nov 2019
Landscape is You & Me, White Box Gallery (London) July 2019 **
Fort Process Festival, Newhaven Fort, 22 Sept 2018
Liminality 2 [the Unknown] Gallery 46 (London) Feb 2018
Field Trip 15 [with International Lawns] Domo Baal (London) Nov 2017
Art Language Location 2016, Ruskin Gallery (Cambridge) Oct 2016
A History of Sound Art, Sha’ar 3 Gallery (Haifa) Sept to Nov 2016
Festival of the Unconscious, Freud Museum (London) June to Oct 2015
London – A Sonic Fragment, The Auricle (Christchurch, NZ) Feb 2015
Babylone Electrifiée, Le Bon Accueil (Rennes) Oct to Nov 2014
Noise & Whispers, GV Art Gallery (London) Nov to Dec 2013
Blincdigital Festival (Conwy) October 2012
Frequency Festival, The Collection (Lincoln) Oct 2011
Living Rooms Public Art Festival (Auckland, NZ) April 2011
A History of Sound Art, Whitechapel Gallery (London) March 2011
A History of Sound Art, Vivid (Birmingham) March 2011
A History of Sound Art, Bangor Museum, Jan 2011
When the Dust Settles, Dalston Bunker (London) Oct 2010
ΗΧΟΠΟΛΙΣ, Action Field Kodra (Thessaloniki) Sept 2010
Courtisane Festival + Exhibition (Ghent) Jan 2010
Digest Sound, Witte Zaal (Gent) Jan 2010
Viktor Wynd Fine Art (London) Jan 2010
AC/DC, Gus Fisher Gallery (Auckland, NZ) Aug 2009
Le Répondeur, Palais de Tokyo (Paris) July 2009 to July 2011
Recycled Frequencies, Wolstenholme Square (Liverpool) May 2009
Liminal, INIVA [Rivington Place] (London) March to April 2009
Moths to a Flame, T1&2 Gallery (London) Sept 2008
Dislocate 8, Souzoukukan 9001 (Yokohama) Aug 2008
Wet Sounds, UK touring exhibition, July to Oct 2008
The Party Project, Spanish touring exhibition, July to Aug 2008
Essence, Beldam Gallery (Brunel University) July 2008
Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 2008
Upstaging Nature, Sydenham Hill Woods [railway tunnel] (London) Aug 2007
Territories, Study Gallery of Modern Art (Poole) July to Oct 2007
Dislocate 7, Ginza Art Laboratory (Tokyo) July 2007
4’33”, Magazin 4 (Bregenz) July 2007
Burghley House Sculpture Garden (Lincolnshire) April to Oct 2007
Waves (Viļņi) Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga) Aug 2006
The Foundry [sub-basement] with Strange Attractor (London) May 2006 ‡
Node London, E:vent Space, March 2006
Art of Permanence & Change, Sydenham Hills Woods (London) May 2005
Circle of Sound, The Foundry (London) May 2005
Subliminal, Beursschouwburg (Brussels) Jan 2005
Drawing the Line, Orleans House Gallery (Twickenham) Nov 2004 to Jan 2005
Switched On, Wembley Public Arts Strategy (London) Nov 2004
Visions of Space & Sanctuary, Brunswick Centre (London) April 2003
The War Effort, Manchester School of Art, Holden Gallery, Jan to Feb 2003
MTV Awards, Olympic Stadium (Barcelona) Nov 2002
Vauxhall Open, St. Peter’s Heritage Centre (London) May 2002
Are You Experienced, NIMK (Amsterdam) Jan 2002
Sonar Festival, CCCB (Barcelona) July 2001
The Rumble, The Royal British Society of Sculptors (London) March 2001 **
Transience (Sound in the City), Kiasma (Helsinki) Feb 2001
Shhh!, The Victoria & Albert Museum (London) 3 Nov 2000
Kiss the Sky, Ikon Gallery UK touring exhibition, May 2000 (onwards)
The Foundry [sub-basement] with Rob Mullender (London) April 2000
Sonic Boom, The Hayward Gallery (London) April 2000
Blackout, The ICA New Media Centre (London) March 2000 **
Noise, Kettle’s Yard (Cambridge) Jan 2000
Blackout, Waygood Gallery (Newcastle) Nov 1999
Blackout, Broadway Media Centre (Nottingham) Oct 1999
Engine Room of the Arctic Corsair [trawler] (Hull) Oct 1999
Freestate, Art™ (Inverness) May 1999
Soundproofs, Museum of Installation (London) July 1997

** Exhibitions curated by Joe Banks

Disinformation Discography

Circuit Blasting, Adaadat 19 CD 2006 [1]
Sense Data and Perception, Iris Light 031CD 2005
Al Jabr, Ash 4.3 CD 1999 [2]
R&D2, Ash 9.2 CD 1998
Antiphony, Ash 3.4 2xCD 1997 [2]
R&D, Ash 2.9 CD 1996
Stargate / National Grid / Theophany, Ash 3.2 LP 1996
Ghost Shells / Data Storm, Ash 2.7 LP 1996
[1] Strange Attractor vs Disinformation
[2] Various Artists vs Disinformation

Selected Concerts, DJ sets, Screenings, Talks etc

Transmission Ecologies (podcast) Onassis Stegi (Athens) 17 Jan 2023
Testcard [streaming video programme] (N/A) 24 + 25 Sept 2022
GeoMetron Ensemble [Alignment] Gallery 46 (London) 24 March 2022
Transmission Ecologies (podcast) Onassis Stegi (Athens) 18 Jan 2022
Electromagnetic Sound Art (podcast) Listening Arts Channel (N/A) 19 March 2021
Electromagnetic Sound Art (radio feature) Bad Punk Radio (N/A) 11 Sept 2020
Uncertain Ruins, Swiss Cottage Central Library (London) 5 Dec 2019
Moving Image Salon, Film & Video Umbrella (London) 22 Nov 2019
Moving Image Salon, Film & Video Umbrella (London) 13 Sept 2019
Ghosts in the Machine, BBC Radio 4 (interview) 28 Aug 2019
Chisenhale Gallery (London) 22 Nov 2018
Dronica Festival #7 (London) 12 + 13 April 2018
ZVO.ČI.TI DUO, CMK (Koper) 22 March 2018
ZVO.ČI.TI DUO, Kino Šiška (Ljubljana) 21 March 2018
Liminality 2 [the Unknown] Gallery 46 (London) 10 + 15 Feb 2018
Double Think, Horse Hospital (London) 30 Nov 2017
Assembly of Disturbance, Red Gallery + Kamio (London) 7 Oct 2017
Gwaith Sŵn, Noson, The Victoria (London) 30 May 2017
Spring Roll Call, The Morgue, Chelsea College of Arts, 16 March 2017
EAM 1111, New River Studios (London) 11 Nov 2016
Wavelength (radio feature) Resonance FM (London) 4 Nov 2016
Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, 18 Oct 2016
Arena Talks 2 [secret location] (London) 31 Aug 2016
False Alarm, King’s College (London) 25 + 26 June 2016
Music Concréte… Outside the Building, Horse Hospital (London) 2 June 2016
Seeing Sound, Bath Spa University, 9 + 10 April 2016
Upplýsingafölsun Hlustunarpartý, Mengi (Reykjavik) 10 March 2016
The Sensorium of Animals, IXDM / FHNW (Basel) 3 + 4 March 2016
NES Artist Residency (Skagaströnd) 18 Feb 2016
Saturday Night Special (podcast), Wave Farm (New York) 12 + 13 Dec 2015
Altered States, Electro Studios (St Leonards) 29 + 30 Aug 2015
The Freud Museum (London) 23 July 2015
Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne) 4 + 6 June 2015
Gertrude Contemporary (Melbourne) 3 June 2015
Kosmopolis, CCCB (Barcelona) 19 + 20 March 2015
PoetryFilm Solstice, The ICA (London) 21 Dec 2014
The University of Leeds, 22 Oct 2014
Gustav Metzger in conversation with Joe Banks, University of Cambridge, 26 July 2014
PoetryFilm: Sounds of Love, Southbank Centre (London) 19 July 2014
Rushgrove House (London) 31 May 2014
PoetryFilm, O Miami, Edgewater Poetry & Athletics Club (Miami) 26 April 2014
Oxford University Museum of Natural History, 8 April 2014
Vocal Discords, The RCA (London) 7 March 2014
Argos [centre for art and media] (Brussels) 13 Feb 2014
The Edinburgh College of Art [keynote speech] 28 Nov 2013
Romantic Malady, Rio Cinema, Dalston) (London) 9 Nov 2013
X Marks the Bökship (London) 17 Oct 2013
Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust, 13 Sept 2013
ERTZ, Arteleku (Donostia-San Sebastian) 10 Sept 2013
Berako Kultur Etxea (Bera-Navarre) 7 Sept 2013
St. Patrick’s Irish Club (Leamington) 15 July 2013
The British Library (London) 28 June 2013
Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge, Angel House (Brighton) 24 May 2013 ‡
Listening Group, City University (London) 10 May 2013
Corsica Studios (London) 25 April 2013 (with Guapo)
Legendary Labour Club (Northampton) 25 March 2013 ‡
The Royal College of Art (London) 12 Dec 2012
The Science Museum’s Dana Centre (London) 16 Nov 2012
The Voice Symposium, Resonance FM (London) 14 Nov 2012
Apiary Studios (London) 31 Oct 2012
Monolith Launch, The Vibe Bar (London) 23 Oct 2012
Liverpool Biennial, 6 Oct 2012
Jiggling Atoms, The Rag Factory (London) 3 Oct 2012 ‡
The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London) 15 Sept 2012
Paradise Event, Walmer Parish Hall, 24 June 2012
Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture (London) 7 Dec 2011
Wysing Arts Centre (Bourn) 10 Sept 2011
St. Pancras Church Crypt (London) 17 July 2011
A History of Sound Art, All Tomorrows Parties (Minehead) 14 May 2011
Vitamin S (Auckland, NZ) 13 April 2011
Superhybrid (Leeds) 30 March 2011
A History of Sound Art, Phoenix (Brighton) 3 March 2011
A History of Sound Art, Modern Art (Oxford) 12 Feb 2011
A History of Sound Art, Star and Shadow (Newcastle) 6 Feb 2011
Film/ Music/ Other, The Chelsea Theatre (London) 14 Oct 2010
Space Studios (London) 11 Sept 2010
Knowledge of the Hidden, Barbican Centre (London) 3 July 2010
Polyphiloprogenitive, The Pad (Bedford) 14 May 2010
Observatori, Atarazanas (Valencia) 6 June 2009
Theatre Noise, Central School of Speech & Drama (London) 23 April 2009
INIVA [Rivington Place] (London) 16 April 2009 ‡
Noise = Noise, Goldsmiths (London) 18 March 2009 ‡
Shunt Vaults (London) 12 March 2009 ‡
The Scrap Club (London) 14 Feb 2009 ‡
Thursday Club, Goldsmiths College (London) 5 Feb 2009
Chelsea Arts Club, 24 Nov 2008
Broadcasting House, BBC Radio 4 (interview) 2 Nov 2008
Open Source City Live, Static Gallery (Liverpool) 21 June 2008
Broadcasting House, BBC Radio 4 (interview) 15 June 2008
Goldsmiths EMS, (Un)sound, Shunt Vaults (London) 5 June 2008
AV Festival, Centre for Life (Newcastle) 5 March 2008 ‡
Anomalous Psychology Research Unit (London) 26 Feb 2008
Thursday Club, Goldsmiths College (London) 31 Jan 2008
Artworkers Guild, with Lane Ashfeldt (London) 20 Oct 2007
Study Gallery of Modern Art (Poole) 12 Sept 2007 ‡
Broadway Cinema (Nottingham) 11 May 2007
Bad Timing, The Junction (Cambridge) 27 April 2007 ‡
Subterfuge, Islington Mill, Salford, 2 March 2007 ‡
Kinetica Museum (London) 7 Feb 2007
London College of Communications, 25 Jan 2007
Light It Festival, Myatt’s Fields [bandstand] (London) 20 Oct 2006
Unitarian Chapel (Cambridge) 16 Oct 2006 ‡
Westbourne Studios (London) 18 Sept 2006 ‡
Whole Lotta Sass [Adaadat showcase] The Ditch (London) 8 July 2006 ‡
The Gluerooms, Amersham Arms (London) 28 June 2006 ‡
Camden Arts Centre (London) 19 March 2006 ‡
UKISC conference + concert, Goldsmiths (London) 11 + 12 Feb 2006
Dorkbot, Limehouse Boxing Club (London) 18 Jan 2006 ‡
Fovea Gallery (London) 9 Dec 2005 ‡
Steim (Amsterdam) 28 Nov 2005
FACT (Liverpool) 5 Nov 2005
The Art Institute of Chicago, 16 April 2005
Lampo (Chicago) 14 April 2005
Untitled Magazine, Gasworks Gallery (London) 2 April 2005
Cargo Nightclub (London) 17 Feb 2005 ‡
Hull Art Lab (Humber Street warehouse) 4 Feb 2005
The Guardian Science Writers Xmas Party (London) 13 Dec 2004 ‡
Corsica Studios (London) 19 Nov 2004
Q Arts / Quad (Derby) 30 June 2004
The Royal Institution (London) 22 May 2004 ‡
Hull Time Based Arts, 2 Feb 2004
De Balie (Amsterdam) 11 April 2003
Gustav Metzger + Joe Banks + Stewart Home, Resonance FM (London) 24 Feb 2003
Avantoscope, Avanto Festival (Helsinki) 23 Nov 2002
Strange Attractor, Horse Hospital (London) 13 Aug 2002
Mex, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, 6 July 2002
MUU (Helsinki) 10 March 2002
Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt) 7 March 2002
Cinémathèque (Brighton) 13 Dec 2001
Hanbury Ballroom (Brighton) 2 Dec 2001
Fabrica (Brighton) 15 Nov 2001
Queen’s Hall (Edinburgh) 12 May 2001
UKISC conference + concert (Dartington) 17 Feb 2001
Bibliotèque Solvay (Brussels) 29 Oct 2000
The Dom (Moscow) 28 Sept 2000
The Hayward Gallery (London) 2 June 2000
Royal British Society of Sculptors (London) 29 May 2000
Extrasensory, 291 Gallery (London) 6 April 2000
Komedia (Brighton) 5 April 2000
Principles of Electronic Warfare, The ICA (London) 30 March 2000
National Science Week (Cambridge) 18 March 2000
The Metro (Kyoto) 19 Feb 2000
Phase of Post Music (symposium) NTT ICC (Tokyo) 18 Feb 2000
Phase of Post Music (concert) NTT ICC (Tokyo) 17 Feb 2000
The Spitz (London) 1 Dec 1999
Architecture Week, University of Newcastle, 11 Nov 1999
Waygood Gallery (Newcastle) 9 Nov 1999
Hull School of Art and Design, 26 Oct 1999
ZKM (Karlsruhe) 16 July 1999
Volksbühne (Berlin) 27 June 1999
Galerie fur Zeitgenössische Kunst (Leipzig) 27 May 1999
Phonotaktik (Vienna) 24 April 1999
ORF Kunstradio (radio feature) ORF (Vienna) 22 April 1999
Interference (organised by The Wire magazine) Lux Cinema (London) 9 Dec 1998
Underground Nuclear Warfare Command Centre (Anstruther) 25 Sept 1998
Shock City, Manchester Cathedral, 12 Sept 1998
South London Gallery, 15 Aug 1998
MS Stubnitz [trawler] (berthed in Stockholm) 5 June 1998
The Royal College of Art (London) 27 Nov 1997
Audiometria, 121 Anarchist Centre (London) 13 Sept 1997
Electronic Lounge, The ICA (London) 2 Sept 1997
David Land Arts Centre (Brighton) 28 March 1997
Keep 4, The Arthouse (London) 2 March 1997
The Royal College of Art (London) 5 Dec 1996
Disobey Nightclub (London) 10 Oct 1996
‡ Events consist of or include live “Circuit Blasting”

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  1. Martin Parker permalink

    Dear Joe, how can I contact you? We’re planning a symposium in November here at the University of Edinburgh and I’d like to discuss it with you. Loved reading your book, thanks for writing it. Best Martin Parker, programme director, MSc Sound Design

    • Dear Joe, I have been trying to find an e-mail address to contact you, but can´t seem to find one. Please contact me. Regards, Espen

      • Rorschach Audio permalink

        Hi Espen, this is a perfectly good way to make contact, I’ll be in touch

  2. Hi Joe, I am an acoustic consultant and currently researching the links between art and acoustics, I would love to read your book but cannot find anyway in obtaining a copy, are there any available sources that you know of, or any ideas on how I could obtain a copy? kind regards and chEARs, Rob (Soundguard Acoustics Ltd)

  3. Joel Stern permalink

    Dear Joe, I’d like to speak with you about a possible research and performance project in Australia. Would you mind contacting me with an email address? Regards, Joel Stern

  4. Hello, we would like to invite you in Pisa, Italy for the 2016 edition of our Elettronica alla Spina event. Please, get in touch with us! Soon, as we have to close the program in few days!

  5. Zeynep Bulut permalink

    Dear Joe, we would like to invite you to a conference on forms of mishearing to be held in June 2016, at King’s College London. I wondered whether we could discuss your availability and the conference theme. We are in the process of making the program. We would very much appreciate, if we could hear from you at your earliest convenience. Many thanks, Zeynep Bulut.

  6. Orlando Harrison permalink

    Hey Joe, good to make noises with you the other night…

  7. lauraplanagracia permalink

    Hi Joe,
    is Laura, we played at The Horse Hospital, I am organising a night of EMF waves and sound at New River Studios, with 2 international artists : Brane Zorman (Slovenia) and Chrs Galarreta (South AMerica) . I would like to invite you playing. Please let me know.

  8. Claire Tolan permalink

    Hey Joe! I’m a sound artist increasingly interested in sonic illusions/EVP. I would love to read a copy of your book, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any tips for purchasing the book? Also happy to have a pdf or ebook if one is in circulation. Cheers!

    • Rorschach Audio permalink

      As you’ve probably seen, the book’s sold out, and, be warned, there are a few sites which claim to offer ebooks and PDFs etc but there’s no such thing, they’re all phishing sites. The cheapest hard-copies on Amazon are £130, there’s one on e-bay for £40, plus there’s plenty of useful info on the website. I’ve become aware of or been approached by quite a few artists who’ve created work, which in some cases is very similar to Rorschach Audio, almost none of them have had the courtesy to publicly acknowledge the influence, so if you do exhibit or publish work that overlaps with or uses information from this project, I’d appreciate it if you give Rorschach Audio explicit acknowledgement please.

      • cscscstolan permalink

        Hi, thanks for the reply. I will look at ebay and continue to read through the website. Of course I will cite your work if it is used in anything i publish; the link that you make between EVP and Diana Deutsch’s phantom sounds is very nice — found your work via her website 🙂 Cheers

  9. Emma Moore permalink

    Dear Joe,

    I’m getting in touch from Chisenhale Gallery, east London, about our forthcoming programme of events which will take place in association with our next exhibition ‘Earwitness Theatre’ by Lawrence Abu Hamdan. I’d like to invite you to contribute to the programme and it would be great to send you some further details.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  10. rosiestrickland permalink

    Hello there Joe!
    I’m a designer doing an MA at Goldsmiths College and currently designing a sound installation called Loss about species extinction. I’d like to explore using Infrasound as an extra sensory dimension to the piece, but feel quite overwhelmed by the potential danger(?) of working with it. I’m looking for other sound artists to inform my research, I came across your work at Fort Process and was really moved by it as it keyed into many of my interests around infrastructure, nature and human labour. It would be great to have a conversation sometime, I’m particularly seeking advice on the practicalities and safe use of sub-bass and infrasound for an installation. I’m based in London.
    All the best,

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