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The “Rorschach Audio” archive site has been set-up to provide a permanent on-line repository for material produced by or relevant to the ongoing “Rorschach Audio” research project, which was initiated in 1999. The “Rorschach Audio” project began as a critique of Electronic Voice Phenomena research (of the making and promotion of alleged ghost voice recordings) in parapsychology and in the arts, however this project has since expanded to take-in a much broader range of phenomena associated with ambiguities of hearing, and phenomena of aural, visual and linguistic perception.

The very earliest “Rorschach Audio” publication consisted of an article contributed to sleeve-notes of a CD of EVP recordings called “The Ghost Orchid”, published by PARC / Ash International in 1999. The 2nd consisted of the transcript of a lecture given to the (since re-named) Royal Society of British Sculptors, published by the Sonic Arts Network – the organisation now called Sound & Music – a year later in August 2000. The third consisted of an updated and academically peer-reviewed version, published in Leonardo Music Journal by The MIT Press in 2001. More “Rorschach Audio” articles and artworks have since been produced, up to and beyond publication of the “Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound” book in 2012.

Please refer to the first post on this site (title “Rorschach Audio – Ghost Voices & Perceptual Creativity”) for a detailed explanation of EVP etc, and, while other posts relate more or less directly to ideas explored in that first post, since this archive is meant to support the “Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound” book, it may also be necessary to refer to the book directly to understand how some posts relate to the overall project. Please note material is posted in this archive on an ad-hoc basis, so the order in which those posts appear is not always chronological.

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This website is also used to post items about the activities of Disinformation – the art project that gave rise to “Rorschach Audio”. While the “Rorschach Audio” research remains on-going, and continues to influence the content of Disinformation artworks (“The Rapture” installation for instance, exhibited June 2022), as time goes on the content of this website increasingly focuses on Disinformation, with less emphasis on “Rorschach Audio”. For details of Disinformation artworks etc, start here –

If you have a contribution, a tip-off, or want to get in touch, please leave a comment with your e-mail address (most people have requested contacts via the “Author Info” page, though any page will do).

  1. Susanna Hertrich permalink

    Dear Joe Banks,
    I’d like to talk to you about a workshop that I’m organizing in Basel where your position could be really valuable. It’s about this project at this place Please be in touch. Thank you!

  2. stephen scutt permalink

    Hi Joe. I know your workfrom Stargate 12″. My name is Steve. I am part of GPUD. We had an exhibition piece at the Auricle in NZ along with you. I would like to know if you would be interested in doing a set at the Horse hospital in London on the 2nd of June (2016.) It is part of a project put on by my partner Hannah Thompson who has an artist residency at Senate house(ULC-The ministry of truth) in Bloomsbury. Thanks, Steve scutt.

  3. pedro bericat permalink

    1 minute autohypnosis Project
    Send us a minute of sound in any system by mail or e-mail.

    Visit our webpage


    Pedro Bericat
    P.O.BOX 4033
    50080 Zaragoza

  4. Soraya Mobayad permalink

    Hi Joe,
    I am Visual Arts PhD student utilizing sound and noise in my works.
    I am wanting to purchase a copy of your Antiphony CDs. Do you have any available?
    Thank you

  5. Laura Milner permalink

    Dear Joe, I would like to discuss an appearance at a festival in Birmingham next year. Please can you forward me a suitable email address so that I can send you a full invitation? Best wishes, Laura

  6. dario vigorito permalink

    hey joe nice meeting you this eve …. amazing stuff ! dario

  7. Phil permalink

    Hi Joe,

    I hope this message finds you quickly. I’m writing a draft of a piece for Nautilus magazine about auditory pareidolia, due next week. I’d like to chat with you or do an email q & a. Your work is, as you know, directly related and I’d love to get some input from you if you are interested. I touch on EVP.

    – thanks

  8. Tom Cowin permalink

    Hello Joe.
    Hoping to make contact.


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