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Cochlear Implant Activation!

The text description on You Tube states – “Update: Been a few years now, doing very well! For those of you saying this was forced on me, it wasn’t. Completely my decision. Just wanted to clarify that. I’m in college now and thriving!”

“False Alarm” Symposium at King’s College

Kings College Rorschach Audio 2016

The next “Rorschach Audio” demonstration takes place as part of “False Alarm” – a symposium convened by Dr Zeynep Bulut at King’s College, London, 25 + 26 June 2016. “False Alarm” focusses on “the aurality and errancy of voice” and “forms of mishearing… creative, accidental or hallucinatory”. Speakers include Lynne Kendrick (CSSD), Martha Feldman (University of Chicago), Zeynep Bulut, Andy Fry, Matthew Head, Roger Parker & Heather Wiebe (KCL), Lisa Blackman & Julian Henriques (Goldsmiths), Peter Cusack (LCC), Anna Kvičalová (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science), Nina Power & Aura Satz (RCA), Joe Banks (artist and author of the book “Rorschach Audio”) and Sophie Scott (UCL). The “False Alarm” concert features Atau Tanaka, Seth Ayyaz, Patricia Alessandrini and the Exaudi Vocal Ensemble (performing music by Christopher Fox, James Weeks, Claudia Molitor and Zeynep Bulut). To purchase tickets please follow this link…

Coincidentally the “Rorschach Audio” presentations at Monash University Museum of Art and Gertrude Contemporary [art gallery] (both Melbourne) were programmed to accompany the exhibition “Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits” by the Victorian Spiritualist painter Georgiana Houghton, at MUMA in June 2015, and the Georgiana Houghton exhibition re-opens at the Courtauld Institute (next door to KCL) next week. Particularly in relation to the forensic aspects of the “Rorschach Audio” project, it is interesting that one subject which seems to have been overlooked by most discussions of Georgiana Houghton’s painting, is how she also seems to have been involved in the commercial exploitation of fraudulent spirit photography. In 1882 Georgiana Houghton published a book called “Chronicles of the Photographs of Spiritual Beings & Phenomena Invisible to the Material Eye”, which promoted photos by the fraudulent spirit photographer Frederick Hudson, featuring fake mediums such as Agnes Guppy-Volckman. In fact Fred Hudson’s forgeries were so bad they were exposed by other Spiritualists…

“Music Concrète: of the Building Outside the Building” at Senate House

With apologies for not posting about this earlier, thanks to everyone who came to an excellent night at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, London, 2 June 2016. “Music Concrète: of the Building Outside the Building” was “a collaborative night of joyful experimental sound art and performance (created) using recorded sounds and sonically manipulated environmental data from Senate House Library”. The source material was recorded by Senate House artist-in-residence Hannah Thompson, and the evening featured sets by Paul Middleton & Daniel Knowler, Medial Ages, Isn’tses, Aatschlag, Raxil4, Orlando Harrison, Disinformation, and a particularly memorable contribution by real-life beekeeper Bioni Samp (with GPUD not performing owing to commitments at Senate House). Among other sound elements, the Disinformation performance showcased recent “Rorschach Audio” themed experiments, created using speech synthesis and vocoded speech recordings…

Let Him Have It – TV broadcast

“Let Him Have It” on London Live TV, repeating 11pm tonight – Tues 3rd May 2016 +

“The Central Nervous System is Nature’s Sistine Chapel…”

A small version of “The Analysis of Beauty” oscilloscope installation was exhibited as part of “Seeing Sound” – a practice-led research symposium at Bath Spa University on the 9th and 10th April 2016. The installation was exhibited to illustrate a lecture on “J.G. Ballard, Ultrasonic Visual Music, William Hogarth & The Analysis of Beauty”, which is based on a talk given at Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh, as summarised on this website. Although the focus of “Seeing Sound” was on sonification, visualisation and visual music, rather than on visual representations of and sounds of speech, the “Rorschach Audio” book says “the earliest form of sound recording technology was not a machine but was written language” – so, citing that quote in her presentation, Zata Banks pointed out that an important mechanism for seeing sound is therefore the reading of written text. For the “Sistine Chapel” quote, follow these links…

“Seeing Sound” was co-ordinated by Jo Hyde, and featured lectures, performances and screenings by Frieda Abtan, Luigi Allemano, Aural-i, Robert Baldock, Joe Banks, Zata Banks, Bret Battey, Myriam Boucher, Emma Bowen, David J. Brown, Jessica Arianne Rodriquez Cabrera, Anna Cady, Duncan Chapman, Marko Ciciliani, Tom J Clarke, Stewart Collinson, Fred Collopy, Nick Cope, Grayson Cooke, Jethro Cooke, Nuno Correia, Emilio Hernández Cortés, Larry Cuba, Thierry Dilger, Disinformation, Karel Doing, Dot Product, Andrew Duff, Bryan Dunphy, Alexander Dupuis, Yati Durant, Christian Eloy, Tariq Emam, Marie Cécile Embleton, Ricardo Dal Farra, Brian Garbet, Harvey Goldman, Mick Grierson, Hugi Guðmundsson, Louise Harris, Kristin Hayter, Ian Helliwell, Andrew Hill, Ryo Ikeshiro, Martin Keary, Victoria Keddie, Steven Kemper, Trent Kim, Chris King, Robert Mackay, Sama Mara, Francesc Marti, Bébhinn McDonnell, Maura McDonnell, Mike McInerney, Dugal McKinnon, Monomatic, Rob Mullender, Joao Pedro Oliveira, Ireti Olowe, Victoria Oruwari, Panther Panther, Daniela de Pauli, Dave Payling, Jean Piché, Jean Philippe Pierre-Louis, Jane Pitt, Chris Plant, Alexander Peverett, Michael J. Proulx, Krunoslav Pticar, Sharon Quigley, Joost Rekveld, Tom Richards, Rolando Rodriguez, Tonali Rufino, Kevin Satizabal, Margaret Schedel, Matthew Schoen, Kartik Seshadri, Vishal Shah, Ellis Sharpe, James Snazell, Vibeke Sorensen, Fernando Falci de Souza, Lewis Sykes, Andrea Szigetvári, Dan Tapper, Pauline Thomas, Jing Wang, John Wedgwood-Clarke, Jon Weinel, Lee Westwood, Kristina Wolfe and Pablo Perez Zarate (it’s a huge list, sorry if I missed anyone). Fortunately it’s not a reflection of the overall quality of contributions that Dan Tapper’s work with “unheard” sounds of VLF radio – especially VLF noise from underground tube trains – seems so similar to the Disinformation project’s (much earlier) work with identical subject matter!

Ronnie Corbett (sound artist) 1930 to 2016, R.I.P.

Rorschach Audio classics – The Two Ronnies “Four Candles”

“Speech itself is an art form” –


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