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“Ammonite” video installation opens opposite London Centre Point ****

Disinformation "Ammonite" video installation

“Fossils fascinate me – they’re like time capsules; if only one could unwind this spiral it would probably play back to us a picture of all the landscapes it’s ever seen” –
J.G. Ballard, Prisoner of the Coral Deep, 1964

This Sunday, 21 May 2023, the split-screen version of the Disinformation “Ammonite” video installation opens at the Outernet Arts exhibition space, opposite (the) Centre Point (building) and Tottenham Court Road underground – London WC2H 8LH. “Ammonite” is exhibited on the smallest of the Outernet video walls, but is still massive, the sound system is excellent, and the image quality is amazing.

The Outernet exhibition space (aka the Now Building) is the largest digital exhibition space in Europe, and (according to The Times newspaper) one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. “Ammonite” opens to the public at mid-day on Sunday, then runs every Sunday, mid-day to 6pm, for 8 weeks – 21 May to 16 July 2023.

Artwork by Joe Banks, photo [above] © Julie Hill (2018)

“Rorschach Audio” – translation into Spanish ****

Translation by (and thanks to) Jorge Villanueva, Institute of Paranormal Psychology, Buenos Aires – “Joe Banks examina la investigación del “Fenómeno de Voz Electrónica” (EVP) a la luz de relatos anecdóticos y estudios experimentales relacionados con la percepción auditiva humana, y plantea que la psicoacústica ofrece una hipótesis para explicar la mayoría de las grabaciones de EVP y que ese proceso es relevante para el emergente campo del arte sonoro como ha sido el estudio de las ilusiones ópticas para el estudio de las artes visuales.”

Click on this link –

This article, first published in English by The MIT Press, 2001

Austerity is Murder ****

Electromagnetic Sound Art – Disinformation + Various Artists – “Stargate” + “Ghost Shells”

Disinformation “Fire in the Eye” – “Painting with Electricity” – Joe Banks © 2004

The science fiction author J.G. Ballard described the “the dark intervals between the stars” as “a continuously flickering field of light, a gigantic phosphorescent ocean, filled with the vibrating pulses of electromagnetic communication pathways”. J.G. Ballard also described how “a huge volume of radio signals reach this planet”, and how “the hope remains that… we will decode them, and find… a spontaneously generated choral music, a naive electromagnetic architecture”, revealing “the primitive syntax of a philosophical system… as reassuring as the pattern of waves on a beach”.

• Disinformation + Chris and Cosey – Stargate (remix from “Antiphony” 2xCD) 1997
• Disinformation + Mark Poysden – Breathsweep (remix from “Antiphony”) 1997
• Disinformation – Ghost Shells (VLF radio recording, LP + CD version) 1996
• Disinformation + T:un[k] Systems – Synaptic Radio (remix from “Al Jabr” CD) 1999
• Disinformation – Ghost Shells (VLF radio recording, CD version) 1998
• Disinformation + Lawrence Casserley – Pi (remix from “Al Jabr”) 1999
• Disinformation + Jim O’Rourke – Booming Bass (remix from “Al Jabr”) 1999
• Disinformation + Simon Fisher Turner – Parabolas (remix from “Al Jabr”) 1999
• Disinformation + Atom Heart – Stage #4 (remix from “Antiphony”) 1997
• Disinformation + L.O.S.D. – Untitled (remix from “Antiphony”) 1997
• Disinformation + R.L.W. – Unidentified (remix from “Antiphony”) 1997
• Disinformation + Kapotte Muziek – Untitled (remix from “Antiphony”) 1997
• Disinformation + Marc Behrens – Addition (remix from “Antiphony”) 1997

Transmission Ecologies Ep. 23 – featuring “Stargate” (shortwave radio noise from the sun) and “Ghost Shells” (plus other VLF field recordings) by Disinformation, remixed by the artists Chris and Cosey, Mark Poysden, T:un[k] Systems, Lawrence Casserley, Jim O’Rourke, Simon Fisher Turner, Atom Heart, L.O.S.D., R.L.W., Kapotte Muziek and Marc Behrens. Podcast produced for Movement Radio, Athens, hosted by Onassis Stegi. NB: some tracks run concurrently, headphones recommended.

Click here (scroll down for full description) –

Also available on Mixcloud –

Original broadcast 17 January 2023, special thanks to Afroditi Psarra

Quotations featured re – Disinformation events at Goldsmiths College –  [scroll down]


J.G. Ballard on EVP

V. Vale (Vale Hamanaka): “I saw a book yesterday on the recordings of [Konstantin] Raudive, who claimed to have recorded… voices of the dead. [William] Burroughs mentioned him in The Job.“

J.G. Ballard: “I’m skeptical about all that. The whole world of psi phenomena leaves me dead cold. It seems to be less interesting than conventional reality… If you pick up that can of beer and let go, it falls to the floor — that strikes me as incredibly mysterious… much more mysterious than if it just stayed hovering in mid-air…”

Source – Simon Sellars and Dan O’Hara “Extreme Metaphors – Selected Interviews with J.G. Ballard” Fourth Estate, 2014, page 151… thanks to Tom Cowin.

Electromagnetic Sound Art – 1996 to 2022 ****

The exhibition “Antithesis” features a range of visceral and hypnotic electronic sound works by the innovative and influential audio-kinetic art project Disinformation. Musical pieces based on electrical interference produced by the National Grid, are exhibited alongside VLF band radio recordings of electromagnetic noise from the London Underground, from lightning strikes and electric storms, and EEG recordings taken directly from the mind of Disinformation producer Joe Banks. “Antithesis” also features the “National Grid” video installation, created in collaboration with film-maker Barry Hale, and experimental film works, which explore the notion of electricity as the physiological basis of human visual perception. All works created 1996 to 2022….

Catalog view –

Full description –

“Rorschach Audio” – translation into Greek ****

“Rorschach Audio” – Τζό Μπανκς – translation into Greek ****

Ποια είναι η σχέση ανάμεσα στον Leonardo Da Vinci και στον Dick Whittington, μεταξύ της Υπηρεσίας Παρακολούθησης του BBC και των Clash, ανάμεσα στην στρατιωτική κατασκοπική δράση την περίοδο του πολέμου, στα συστήματα διαχείρισης μάχης, στον Πνευματισμό και στις εγκληματικές μαρτυρίες και καταθέσεις; Τί ρόλο παίζουν o J.G. Ballard, o Osama bin Laden, o William Burroughs, o Jean Cocteau, o Jean Genet, o Adolf Hitler, o William Hogarth, o Victor Hugo, o Joe Meek, ο Πάπας Πίος ο XII, o Primo Levi, ο πρώτοσουρεαλιστής συγγραφέας Raymond Roussel, ο έφηβος εγκληματίας Derek Bentley, o Sigmund Freud, o Hermann Rorschach και ο κρυσταλλογράφος Louis Albert Necker στην ξεδιάλυνση των μυστηρίων της ανθρώπινης αντίληψης; Το Rorschach Audio είναι μία εργασία σύγχρονης πολιτισμικής λογιότητας και μία εξερεύνηση της τέχνης και της επιστήμης των ψυχοακουστικών αμφισημιών. Εν μέρει αστυνομική ιστορία, εξ ημισείας καλλιτεχνική και κοινωνική κριτική, το βιβλίο του Joe Banks αφαιρεί το πέπλο σε μία σειρά από γοητευτικά και ελάχιστα εξετασθέντα αντιληπτικά και ψυχολογικά φαινόμενα.

224 σελίδες – τιμή: 9 ευρώ / 1080 λιρέτες – Εξαρχείων
Μετάφραση: Γιώργος Καναβός
Επιμέλεια κειμένου: Άρτεμις Ξενιού

224 pages – Price: 9 EU / 1080 Lire – Exarchia
Translation by Giorgos Kanavos
Edited by Artemis Xeniou

The Topovoros imprint also features translations of works by Hélène Cixous, Laboria Cuboniks, Craig Dworkin, Donna Haraway, Saidiya Hartman, Guy Hocquenghem, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Metahaven, Robert Smithson, Alan Sokal, Bruce Sterling, Hito Steyerl, Laurent de Sutter, McKenzie Wark and Eyal Weizman.

Special thanks to Ilan Manouache!

“The Analysis of Beauty” by Disinformation – Blind Spots, Kinetic Depth Effects & Evolutionary Neuroscience

“The central nervous system is nature’s Sistine Chapel, but we have to bear in mind that the world our senses present to us – this office, my lab, our awareness of time – is a ramshackle construct which our brains have devised to let us get on with the job of maintaining ourselves and reproducing our species. What we see is a highly conventionalised picture, a simple tourist guide to a very strange city. We need to dismantle this ramshackle construct in order to grasp what’s really going on.”
J.G. Ballard, 1992

This article was originally published by the Art X Neuroscience (AXNS) Collective in May 2016, and has now been re-published by Clot Magazine (in slightly up-dated form, with minimal additions previously featured on this website). This article summarises material featured in chapter 4 of the book “Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound”, first published in June 2012, in an article printed on page 16 of “The Starry Rubric Set”, published by the Wysing Arts Centre in Feb 2012, and on pages 17 and 18 of Shoppinghour Magazine, issue 10, Spring 2013.

This article [see link] copyright © Joe Banks – May 2016 + Oct 2022

Feature in Clot Magazine –

Video on the sound installation aspect of “The Analysis of Beauty” –

“The Analysis of Beauty” by Disinformation has been exhibited at the Freud Museum (London) June 2015, the Georgian Gallery at Talbot Rice (Edinburgh) Nov 2014, Le Bon Accueil (Rennes) Oct 2014, Saltburn Artists Projects, Jan 2007, the Wrexham Arts Centre, Oct 2006, at the Mac (Birmingham) July 2005, Orleans House Gallery (Twickenham) Nov 2004, the Quad (Derby) June 2004, South Hill Park (Bracknell) April 2004, Quay Arts (Isle of Wight) Feb 2004, the Ashcroft Arts Centre (Fareham) Sept 2003, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Jan 2003, the Royal Society of Sculptors (London) March 2001, and Kettle’s Yard gallery (Cambridge) Jan 2000. Other contributors to Clot Magazine include (the video artist and chairman of ZKM, Karlsruhe) Peter Weibel and the (mathematician) Marcus du Sautoy.

“The Analysis of Beauty” lectures have been presented at Talbot Rice gallery and Saltburn Artists Projects (as above), and Gasworks Gallery (London) April 2005.

Austerity is Murder ****

Testcard – video art programme

Testcard – 24 hour video broadcast, streaming Saturday 24 through Sunday 25 September 2022…

Programme featuring Frank Abbott, Larry Achiampong, Francis Alÿs, Mike Brooks, Dara Birnbaum, Lucy Clout, James Patrick Cox, Disinformation, Michelle Doyle, Benedict Drew, Sam Dolbear, Pete Ellis, Susan Finlay, Nicolas Helm-Grovas, Katie Hare, Tom Harris, Evan Ifekoya, Anneke Kampman, Sooyon Kim, Tom Klinkowstein, Leslie Lawrence, Rebecca Lee, Esther Leslie, Alison Lloyd, Mary Magic, Eva Richardson McRea, Eleanor Morgan, Hugh Nicholson, Cóilín O’Connell, Hardeep Pandhal, Vaishali Prazmari, Sahej Rahal, Reactor, Ash Reid, Benedict Seymour, Sophia Simensky, Nastassja Simensky, Geraldine Snell, David Steans, Korallia Stergides, Roger Suckling and Richard Whitby.