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International Lawns, Disinformation and the Rural College of Art at Domo Baal

“The ultimate form of communications technology is language itself” –

An Exhibition Installed for One Day Only…
International Lawns, Field Trip No.15
Sat 4 Nov 2017, mid-day to 6pm

Domo Baal Ltd
3 John Street
London WC1N 2ES

Disinformation “Sense Data & Perception”

Archive –

Test Dept + Disinformation + AutoPneumatx present “Plus Electrification”

Thurs 5th Oct 2017 – 7pm to 1am
Fri 6th + Sat 7th – 2pm to 2am

Thursday, night only (Red Gallery) Free ****
Friday, night only (Kamio) £15.00
Sat, all-day (Kamio + Red Gallery) £22.50
Sat, day only (Red Gallery) £8.00
Sat, night only (Kamio) £15.00

Red Gallery & Kamio
3 Rivington Street
London EC2A 3DT

“Assembly of Disturbance” is a three-day festival that gives voice to dissonance, anger and resistance in Britain in 2017. Curated by Test Department, Aaron James and David Altweger, the festival invites you to consider the intersection of art and activism. Red Gallery and Kamio in Shoreditch host a series of performances, screenings, audio-visual and sound installations, workshops, symposia and DJ sets, including contributions from the world-leading philosopher Timothy Morton, live premieres from Test Dept’s new album “Disturbance”, and “Plus Electrification” – Prolekult (Test Dept and AutoPneumatx) performing live alongside “National Grid” by Disinformation. Alongside “Assembly of Disturbance”, the exhibition “Culture is Not a Luxury” unveils manifestos, documents and artworks from Test Dept’s inception in the 1980s through to the present day.

“Assembly of Disturbance” contributors include David Altweger, AutoPneumatx, Tam Dean Burn, Kris Canavan, Travis Collins, Cara Davies, Debonair, Disinformation, Angus Farquhar, Fuckhead, Trevor Jackson, Aaron James, Mira Loew, Alexei Monroe, Timothy Morton, Alexander Nym, Alisa Oleva, Mike Pearson, Perc, Malcolm Poynter, Nina, Prolekult, Propagate, Puce Mary, Amélie Ravalec, Stirn Prumzer, Sagberg, Hannah Sawtell, Rebecca Shatwell, Test Dept, Brett Turnbull, Luke Turner and Peter Webb, and the festival is organised in conjunction with the Austrian Cultural Forum, AV Festival, the Institute of Sonic Art, the Quietus, Rice University, the Unit for Sound Practice Research and Vice Media.

Tickets – (booking fees apply)

Electromagnetic Sound Art – new archive material posted on Flickr…

Disinformation Joe Banks National Grid Museum of Installation 1997

“National Grid” [sound installation] Museum of Installation 1997 – photograph

“Soundproofs” [exhibition] Museum of Installation 1997 – gallery statement

“Soundproofs” [exhibition] Museum of Installation 1997 – floor plan

Electromagnetic Sound Art, Hull Time Based Arts 1999 – Mute magazine

Electromagnetic noise performance, Hayward Gallery – 2 June 2000

Disobey club night, preview in the Evening Standard – 9 Oct 1996

Underground Nuclear Warfare Command Centre – 25 Sept 1998

Neuroscience & Laughter – “Electricity of the Mind”

“Electricity of the Mind…” –

Gwaith Sŵn “Noson” – audio on Mixcloud

Thanks to everyone who came along to last week’s Gwaith Sŵn (“Sound Work”) “Noson” (“Night”) event at the Victoria in Dalston, London. The Disinformation performance was a 4 “deck” DJ set, with live percussion thanks to Dan Linn-Pearl… more details soon; and highlights from the evening have been broadcast on Resonance FM, here’s the link…

Gwaith Sŵn “Noson” – the Victoria, Dalston, 30 May 2017


Tuesday 30 May 2017
Doors at 7.30pm
£4/£5 on the door

The Victoria
451 Queensbridge Rd
Dalston, Hackney
London E8 3AS

“Night science, on the other hand, wanders blindly. It hesitates, stumbles, falls back, sweats, wakes with a start. Doubting everything, it feels its way, questions itself… it is a workshop of the possible… hypotheses take the form of vague presentiments… where thought proceeds along sinuous paths, tortuous streets… the mind frets in a labyrinth, deluged with messages.” – François Jacob, 1987

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