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Gustav Metzger R.I.P.


Gustav Metzger, 10 April 1926 to 1 March 2017, R.I.P.

Gustav Metzger and “The Wall” by Pink Floyd

“Places of the Mind” at the British Museum

“The exhibition’s title is borrowed from the poet and critic Geoffrey Grigson’s 1949 collection of essays, Places of the Mind. It acknowledges how every landscape drawing is a construct of the mind and (of the) imagination of its creator…”

See “Rorschach Audio” book pages 125 and 132 to 133

Paul Nash and Rorschach Audio

“Nash associated landscape at night with visionary experiences, and he described how the sound of the stream near his home in the stillness of the night was like a voice talking to him, compelling him to write poetry…” (descriptive legend for the painting “Night Landscape” by Paul Nash, 1912*, Tate Britain 2016-2017)…

See the “Rorschach Audio” book, especially page 39

* the Paul Nash exhibition catalogue gives the date for this painting as 1911

Umberto Eco, Art & Language, Disinformation, DJ Spooky, Marc Quinn, etc…


Full page advertisement for the “Noise” exhibition at Kettle’s Yard gallery, Cambridge, 22 January to 26 March 2000. “Noise” was curated by (the artist and conservator) Adam Lowe and by (the historian of science) Professor Simon Schaffer, and featured the “National Grid” electrical sound installation by Disinformation, in the 13th century chapel adjacent to Kettle’s Yard, plus “The Analysis of Beauty” by Disinformation, in Kettle’s Yard itself. “The Analysis of Beauty” was exhibited adjacent to a video by the artist Marc Quinn, and directly opposite one of Francis Crick and James Watson’s original working models of DNA. “The Analysis of Beauty” exhibit was described as “visually sophisticated and “distinctive and intelligent” by Laura Moffat, writing in Art Monthly magazine, and as “particularly sensuous” by Rob Young, writing in The Wire. A short video about (a later version of) “The Analysis of Beauty”, as exhibited at Talbot Rice, Edinburgh, in November 2014, can be viewed here…

“Noise” featured exhibits by Tabatha Andrews, Art & Language, Charles Babbage, Stephen Baker, Joe Banks (Disinformation), Richard Barbrook and HRC, William Bateson, Evgen Bavcar, Patrick Blackett, Jerry Brotton, Soraya de Chadarevian, Adrian Cussins, John Dee, Umberto Eco, Manuel Franquelo, Peter Galison, Joy Garnett, Merrill Garnett, Joseph Grigley, Roger Guillemin, Sebastian Guillié, Mercurius van Helmont, Lynn Hershmann, Jeff Hughes, Margaret Watts Hughes, Lisa Jardine, Bill Jones, Athanasius Kircher, Bruno Latour, Malcolm Longair, Mike Lynch, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Gracie Ngale Morton, Iwan Morus, Sven Nebel, Joseph Nechvatal, Ben Neill, Roy Porter, Marc Quinn, Jonathan Ree, Michael Rees, Giles Revell, Kathleen Rogers, Romandson (Antirom), Brian Rotman, Tom van Sant, Lillian Schwartz, Nicola Schwartz, Robert Shannon, Ludwig van Siegen, Julian Simmonds, Paddy Japaljarri Sims, Bessie Nakamarra Sims, Brian Cantwell Smith, Luc Steels, Bruce Sterling, Josue Tanaka, John Tchalenko, Dave Tovee, John Tresch, Burhan Tufail, Stan Vanderbeek, Catherine Wagner, Piers Wardle, Peter Weibel (ZKM), CTR Wilson and John Wilkins.

“Noise” exhibitions ran simultaneously at 4 different venues – at Kettle’s Yard, at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, and at the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, all in Cambridge, and at the Wellcome Trust gallery in London. The “Noise” exhibition was supported by the Wellcome Trust, by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, by the Henry Moore Foundation and by the University of Cambridge. The advertisement was designed by Joe Banks, featuring a montage that also appears on the cover artwork for the Disinformation “Sense Data & Perception” CD and on the “Rorschach Audio” book jacket. The advertisement appears on page 7 of Mute magazine, issue 15, January 2000 (alongside features by Hari Kunzru and Tom McCarthy). Thanks to Colin Banks, Georgina Brett and Simon Worthington. Umberto Eco, Paddy and Bessie Sims, Piers Wardle and Michael Harrison RIP.

For a high resolution scan of the image, follow this link and click on the image –

Check back soon for more information on the “Noise” exhibition.

Wandering Soul – “Martial Hauntology”

Documentary clip about “Wandering Soul”, aka “Ghost Tape Number 10” – an audio harassment theme recorded by the US Army Psychological Operations Battalion for loudspeaker broadcast during the Vietnam War. “Wandering Soul” attempted to demoralise Vietcong opposition by engaging with traditional Vietnamese superstition and folk-lore [this video was uploaded to You Tube in March 2009, but the story goes back nearly 2 decades].

Kymograph, Mask & Sensitive Flame…

Kymograph, mask and sensitive flame – from the UCL Phonetics Film Collection, footage uploaded by Michael Ashby (via Tiziana Metitieri and Sophie Scott)…

“Speech itself is an art form” –


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