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“The Rapture” – Finissage ****

Drawing attention to the near homonym by which fire (Nār) and light (Nur) “are audio-visually very similar”, the Iranian art historians Somayeh Ramezanmahi and Hasan Bolkhari Ghehi state in their discourse on ‘The Manifestation of Fire and Light in the Icons of Mir-Heidar’s Miraj Nameh’:

“Fire and heat remind always of immortal memories saved in human being’s mind, they have become to a brilliant phenomenon for the exploitation of many ideas, feelings, and thoughts of human. Fire has not only a personal, individual, and internal aspect, but also agential, comprehensive, and general characteristics. It exists in human’s heart, and heaven, blazes from inside, manifested in form of love, and burns inside human… Among all phenomena, fire is indeed the only one that is involved to this extent in the life, thoughts, believes, vision, and feelings of people”…

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“The Rapture” Finissage – 4pm to 7pm, Sunday 31 July 2022

“Antiphony” – Disinformation [2xCD] 1997 ****

Antiphony Disinformation 1997

Archive 1 –

Archive 2 –

Archive 3 – 

Disinformation Bibliography – Update/s ****

Just added another 45 (long over-due) items to the (still incomplete) Disinformation bibliography, to the list of book and magazine articles about Disinformation and Rorschach Audio (from 1997 to 2022) – click on the link and scroll down (and thanks very much to everyone who’s written, contributed to or helped out with these)…

“The Rapture” – discussed in 15 Questions ****

“The symbolic language of mainstream visual art is in many respects decades behind the avant-garde of popular culture…”. Interview conducted by Lara Cory –

“The Rapture” – review in Seisma Magazine ****

“The Rapture” installation reviewed by Paul Carey-Kent (includes video) –

Disinformation – “The Rapture” – live optokinetic video + sound installation

Disinformation – “The Rapture”
Live video + audio installation

Cameras go live – 7 June to 31 July 2022
NB: on-site visits are by appointment only
Contact to book

Private View – 6pm Friday 17 June 2022
Finissage – 4pm Sunday 31 July 2022

Cable Depot
Off Warspite Road
London SE18 5NX

“Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm, for love is as strong as death, and jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which burn with a vehement flame” – “The Song of Solomon” – chapter 8, verse 6

Electromagnetic Sound Art in Virtual Exhibition Space ****


After entering the “Antithesis” exhibition portal – see earlier post – click anywhere to explore the three-dimensional exhibition space. In particular, after watching the eye videos (titles “Scintillating Scotoma” and “Untitled_Eye”) be sure to pass through the eyes into the space behind, then into the luminous rectangle behind the screen (this space is described in the exhibition notes in comparison to “The Ipcress File”).

Alternately, enter the “catalog” view (accessible via the main menu) to access a two-dimensional library of the exhibited videos and sounds. The “catalog” view offers powerful tools for user-controlled remixing of all the sound files. Sound works can be played individually, in any sequence, and together, in any combination…

Control-clicking the forward “play” buttons enables users to loop the chosen sound files. Clicking the “loudspeaker“ symbol enables precise control of audio volume. Clicking the “3 dot“ symbol enables control of playback speed – 25% to 200%.

Recommended “solo” play-outs include the tracks – “Radiate + National Grid”; “Kwaidan, Part 1”, and “National Grid 1” (spring reverb + virtual string quartet).

Recommended user remixes include – “Kwaidan 3” + “Artificial Lightning” + “London Underground”; “Ghost Shells” (multiple track options) + “9V DC Supply with Home-Made Copper Solenoid” + “Electricity of the Mind”.

Try playing “National Grid 1” + “Bexleyheath to Dartford” – both at 25% speed. Experiment with watching different video works while remixing the sounds.

Portal –

Full description + user guide –

Works best on a PC or laptop (not mobile devices).

Philip Jeck, 1952 to 2022, R.I.P.

Joe Banks, Mike Harding, Philip Jeck, Kyoto, Feb 2000 – photo by Rees Archibald

I was saddened to hear about the death of the musician and sound artist Philip Jeck. In February 2000, Phil, myself and Mike Harding (proprietor of the record company Ash International) flew to Tokyo to perform at the NTT ICC “Phase of Post Music” concert series, organised by curator Minoru Hatanaka, staged on the 3rd (?) floor of the Tokyo Opera City Tower in Shinjuku. The sound engineers spent 3 days (not 3 hours, DAYS) calibrating the quadraphonic sub-bass sound system (the PA wasn’t quadraphonic and sub-bass, the sub-bass itself was quadraphonic); and, to Minoru’s delight, the Disinformation set brought down ceiling panels and shook the entire (huge) NTT ICC gallery. I was also delighted to meet once more mum and dad’s old friends Ryo and Keiko Nonaka (who came to the concert, bearing moving tributes).

Soon after, we all travelled, with saxophonist Rees Archibald, to perform at the Metro nightclub in Kyoto, at the invitation of Koji Marutani (proprietor of the record company Digital Narcis). Phil’s music appears alongside Disinformation on the “Touch Sampler 3” CD, and Phil also exhibited alongside Disinformation in David’s Toop’s spectacular “Sonic Boom” exhibition at the London Hayward Gallery, April to June 2000.

I have clear memories of discussing the finer points of the so-called Darwin Awards with Minoru, Phil, Mike and Masami Akita – “High Five” also to Ikue Mori and Terre Thaemlitz, and a particularly revealing encounter with a senior official of the British Council, in the “Irish” pub on the ground floor of Tokyo Opera City Tower, shopping for Godzilla toys for Phil’s son, extraordinary trips around the backstreets with sound artist Atau Tanaka, and Phil’s endless bemusement at Japanese cuisine.

I was also saddened to hear about the passing of the electronic musician Mira Calix… we didn’t know each other, but Mira sent nice messages about my work. Thank you Mira.


Disinformation “Antithesis” [virtual exhibition] ****

Portal –

Full description + user guide –

“Virtually all the physical phenomena we experience, such as light, chemical reactions, the properties of materials, and the transmission of signals along nerve fibres, are electrical in nature. In fact, the only non-electrical force we experience every day is the force of gravity.” – Harris Benson “University Physics” Wiley 1991

Love Russia, Hate Putin! ****

Real ways you can help Ukraine –