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Electromagnetic Sound Art – new archive material posted on Flickr…

Disinformation Joe Banks National Grid Museum of Installation 1997

“National Grid” [sound installation] Museum of Installation 1997 – photograph

“Soundproofs” [exhibition] Museum of Installation 1997 – gallery statement

“Soundproofs” [exhibition] Museum of Installation 1997 – floor plan

Electromagnetic Sound Art, Hull Time Based Arts 1999 – Mute magazine

Electromagnetic noise performance, Hayward Gallery – 2 June 2000

Disobey club night, preview in the Evening Standard – 9 Oct 1996

Underground Nuclear Warfare Command Centre – 25 Sept 1998

Neuroscience & Laughter – “Electricity of the Mind”

“Electricity of the Mind…” –

Gwaith Sŵn “Noson” – audio on Mixcloud

Thanks to everyone who came along to last week’s Gwaith Sŵn (“Sound Work”) “Noson” (“Night”) event at the Victoria in Dalston, London. The Disinformation performance was a 4 “deck” DJ set, with live percussion thanks to Dan Linn-Pearl… more details soon; and highlights from the evening have been broadcast on Resonance FM, here’s the link…

Gwaith Sŵn “Noson” – the Victoria, Dalston, 30 May 2017


Tuesday 30 May 2017
Doors at 7.30pm
£4/£5 on the door

The Victoria
451 Queensbridge Rd
Dalston, Hackney
London E8 3AS

“Night science, on the other hand, wanders blindly. It hesitates, stumbles, falls back, sweats, wakes with a start. Doubting everything, it feels its way, questions itself… it is a workshop of the possible… hypotheses take the form of vague presentiments… where thought proceeds along sinuous paths, tortuous streets… the mind frets in a labyrinth, deluged with messages.” – François Jacob, 1987

Special thanks to Zoviet France & Gwaith Sŵn

Many thanks to the experimental music collectives Zoviet France and Gwaith Sŵn, for featuring Disinformation tracks in their recent radio shows on Resonance FM. Zoviet France played the track “Absolute Zero” – which was originally commissioned for the CD of the same name (featuring Biosphere, Jiri Ceiver, Disinformation, Gescom, Hallucinator, Hazard, Monolake and Zoviet France), as compiled in collaboration with the choreographer Saburo Teshigawara and published by Zoviet France in 2000. For all you statistical thermodynamics fans (!) the Disinformation track starts with a burst of thermal noise, caused by the Brownian motion of free electrons in the amplifying circuits. The noise fades down to the acoustic equivalent of absolute zero, before transforming into a deep drone, based on microtonal or Tartini tunings of 40Hz sine-waves (this track was also used as a proof-of-concept for “The Analysis of Beauty” exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh in 2014).

The Resonance FM show also features Audio Obscura, Beequeen, Winne Clement, Ensemble Recherche, Cheikh Hamed bel Hadj Hamadi ben Allal, Katja Institute, Rhythm of Space, Jakob Rosin, Sala, Will Saul, Sound Celestial Orchestra, Milan Stibilj, the Sunken Hum, Swell Sounds, (wildlife recording artist) Chris Watson and Winjer3. The Disinformation track starts 8:38 into the programme – please listen through good quality external loudspeakers or headphones (not laptop speakers), and, for earlier documentation of these ideas, refer to the article published by Hull Time Based Arts in 1999 (see Flickr link)…

Gwaith Sŵn’s recent “piano” special featured “Doppelgänger” from the “Sense Data & Perception” CD, and two tracks (back-to-back) from the “Circuit Blasting” CD, which was recorded in collaboration with Strange Attractor. “Doppelgänger” was (loosely) inspired by the work of the same name by Franz Schubert, and, while readers may be familiar with “Circuit Blasting” as a technical innovation in relation to Circuit Bending, the idea here was to highlight “Circuit Blasting” as an example of experimental piano music. These tracks start 0:43 and 40:54 into the broadcast, which also features pieces by Daria Baiocchi, Kevin Ka Wei Chan, Sam Conran, Paul Freeman, Jenn Kirby and Dan Linn-Pearl. Here’s the re-play link…

Complete list of all “Rorschach Audio” lecture-demonstrations *

Arena Talks 2 [secret location] (London) 31 Aug 2016
King’s College (London) 25 June 2016
FHNW-IXDM [keynote] (Basel) 3 March 2016
NES (Skagaströnd) 18 Feb 2016
Freud Museum (London) 23 July 2015
MUMA (Melbourne) 6 June 2015
Gertrude Contemporary (Melbourne) 3 June 2015
University of Leeds, 22 Oct 2014
Oxford University Museum of Natural History, 8 April 2014
Royal College of Art (London) 7 March 2014
Argos (Brussels) 13 Feb 2014
Edinburgh College of Art [keynote] 28 Nov 2013
ERTZ-Arteleku (San Sebastian) 10 Sept 2013
St. Patrick’s Irish Club (Leamington) 15 July 2013
British Library (London) 28 June 2013
City University (London) 10 May 2013
Labour Club (Northampton) 5 March 2013
Royal College of Art (London) 12 Dec 2012
Science Museum Dana Centre (London) 16 Nov 2012
Apiary Studios (London) 31 Oct 2012
Liverpool Biennial, 6 Oct 2012
Institute of Contemporary Arts (London) 15 Sept 2012
University of Westminster (London) 7 Dec 2011
Vitamin S (Auckland) 13 April 2011
University of Westminster (London) 9 March 2011
Space Studios (London) 11 Sept 2010
Central School of Speech & Drama (London) 23 April 2009
Goldsmiths College (London) 3 March 2009
Goldsmiths College (London) 26 Nov 2008
Goldsmiths College (London) 12 Nov 2008
Anomalous Psychology Research Unit (London) 26 Feb 2008
Thursday Club (London) 31 Jan 2008
Goldsmiths College (London) 24 Jan 2008
Goldsmiths College (London) 31 Oct 2007
Dorkbot, State 51 (London) 21 June 2007
Broadway Cinema (Nottingham) 11 May 2007
Kinetica Museum (London) 7 Feb 2007
London College of Communications, 25 Jan 2007
Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga) 26 Aug 2006
UKISC conference (London) 11 Feb 2006
FACT Beta (Liverpool) 5 Nov 2005
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 14 April 2005
Subliminal Festival (Brussels) 19 Jan 2005
Q Arts / Quad (Derby) 30 June 2004
Hull Time Based Arts, 2 Feb 2004
MUU (Helsinki) 10 March 2002
Cinémathèque (Brighton) 13 Dec 2001
UKISC conference (Dartington) 17 Feb 2001
Royal British Society of Sculptors (London) 29 May 2000

The lectures at Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Saint Patrick’s Irish Club were organised by Café Scientifique, while the Anomalous Psychology Research Unit, Thursday Club and UKISC 2006 lectures all took place at Goldsmiths College. Apologies to anyone who attended for the talks in Riga and Helsinki, which were cancelled owing to serious unforeseen problems (the MUU talk was, I believe, presented to attendees as a printed script).

Thanks to everyone who attended, and to talk organisers and hosts – Eve Anderson, Newton Armstrong, Colette Bailey, Steven Barfield, Tim Blackwell, Zeynep Bulut, Xavier Cejudo, Steve Cleary, Louise Clements, Andrew Clifford, Nic Collins, David Crowley, David Cunningham, Peter Cusack, Ross Dalziel, Martin Dodds, Xabier Erkizia, Jose-Luis Espejo, Andrew Fenchel, Gregg Fisher, Rob Flint, Chris French, Olga Gorionova, Anna Gritz, Barry Hale, Ceri Hann, Dianne Harris, Graham Harwood, Susanna Hertrich, Peter van Hoesen, Rebecca Horrox, Aernoudt Jacobs, Janis Jefferies, Nathan Jones, Marcelo Liberato, Sam Lindley, Rita Leppiniemi, Hans de Man, Stefan Marianski, Ray McFee, Alex McLean, Drew McMillan, Kerryn McMurdo, Armin Medosch, Matthew Miller, Shintaro Miyazaki, Marianne Mulvey, Mikel Nieto, Francis Parker, Martin Parker, Rachel Quarrell, Peter Ride, Rasa Smite, Marq Smith, Raitis Smits, Claire Staunton, Joel Stern, Ive Stevenheydens, Mike Stubbs, Nick Thurston, Ivan Ward, Alexandra Warwick, Liz Whitehead, James Wilkes and Jon Wozencoft (with apologies for any omissions).

Finally thanks also to everyone who came to the (packed) Spring Roll-Call event in Chelsea (see earlier post)…

Julius Meytuss “Dnieprostroi – Hydro-Electric Power Station”

Plus Electrification! “National Grid”… as imagined circa 1932…

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