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“Rorschach Audio” talk in Feb 2014, organised by Argos & Overtoon

September 10, 2014

“Rorschach Audio” lecture-demonstration recorded at the Argos Centre for Art & Media, Brussels, organised with the sonic arts platform Overtoon, 13 Feb 2014. This video documents a number of arguments not included in the earliest “Rorschach Audio” lectures – “Speech itself is an art-form”, “The earliest from of sound recording technology was… written language”, “Sound art is one of, if not the, most mainstream… of cultural commodities”, the discourse about the sonic art of the 17th century dramatist John Dennis, and demonstrations of Sine-Wave Speech and of the illusions produced by “The Analysis of Beauty” installation (alongside older elements like clips from the film “Orphée” by Jean Cocteau). The Q&A then responds to some great questions – discussing Pawel Jastreboff’s theory of tinnitus and auditory hypersensitivity; Erik Bunger’s exhibit “The Girl Who Never Was”, the “ear-lids” hypothesis and Theodor Adorno; the role of evolutionary biology in the formation of perceptual faculties; debate about analogue vs. digital in context of music perception; then finally debate about the role of religious identity and of the Vatican in the EVP movement. Thanks again to Aernoudt Jacobs and to Ive Stevenheydens. +

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