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“Rorscha[r]ch Angels of History”…

August 28, 2013

Artists Makiko Nagaya, Peter Lewis and Disinformation perform work in which the audience are invited to participate in the creation of massive abstract paintings, using the principle of folded ink-blots, developed by Herman Rorschach in the 1920s; the performance also features a “Rorschach Audio” soundtrack and “Ammonite” video installation by Disinformation (“Ammonite” is a collaboration between Joe Banks and Barry Hale), and accompanies the “Making the Stone Stony” colloquium, organised by PSQT and The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art at London Metropolitan University.

7:00pm to 9:30pm, 13 Sept 2013
The Drill Hall Gallery
Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust
Easton Lane
Dorset DT5 1BW

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