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Rorschach Audio at The Paradise Event

June 12, 2012

Disinformation will be presenting Rorschach Audio and Rorschach Video material alongside a performance by painters Makiko Nagaya and Peter Lewis at the PARADISE EVENT – also featuring artists Judith Dean, Laura Emsley, Peter Fillingham, Kenneth Graham, Kate Janes, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Nicole Mollett, Charlotte Moth, Victor Mount, Sadie Murdoch, Francesco Pedraglio and Jamie Robinson – Walmer Parish Hall, Dover Road, Walmer, Kent CT14 7JH, Sunday 24 June, 2pm to 6pm. The Paradise event is curated by Peter Fillingham in association with The Elephant Trust, The Kent Cultural Baton, Rachael Daniels, Huc Malla and Laura White. By train – direct from London Cannon Street and London Bridge stations (the venue is an easy 10 minute walk from the station). By car – follow signs to Dover via A2, M20, then the A258 towards Deal.

“Banks’ works… add up to some of the most impressive audio research projects”
Rob Young (in “Sound Art – Sound as Media” NTT ICC Tokyo 2000, page 73)

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  1. How much is it and do you think it worth bothering to come from London for it? Would like to hear your music but the ‘painters’ are so dull!

    • Rorschach Audio permalink

      I’m pretty sure the event’s free and it’s great you’re keen on the music, however, as for the helpful observation, there are over a dozen artists contributing to this event and I doubt you’re familiar with all their work. For Pete specifically, I think I’m right in saying that, among others, he sold £60K’s worth of paintings to the Deutsche Bank art collection – that doesn’t make his work good in itself but it does mean someone appreciates his work // alot 😉

  2. well Joe is right but it was Wolfe Lenkiewicz who sold about 60K of a piece made at T1+2 Gallery, [Meno 2:1] in 2007, and not all to DeutscheBank, there were other collections too, and a very positive review in Art Forum on that piece. and if you want to see some of the related work you can go to or for more accurate commentary. The works in the event here are from established artists hardly dull – thats a very generalised and misinformed description. As for the Rorschach painting – its really performance, and any criticisim would have to deal with a complex and layered history that these actions precipitate and extend from, both as realisations of the possibilties of painting today, and of the enduring significance of performance in art’s social resonance.

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