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Rorschach Audio book – thanks to Marq Smith!

June 6, 2012

Judging by the number of LPs and CDs whose sleeve-notes offer their apologies to “anyone we forgot”, mistakes like this are all too common, however that makes it no less embarrassing to have omitted acknowledgement for Dr Marq Smith in the “Rorschach Audio” book. Marq Smith is the director of The Institute for Modern & Contemporary Culture at The University of Westminster and founder of The Journal of Visual Culture, without Marq’s encouragement the “Rorschach Audio” project would not have been hosted by The University of Westminster, hence the book project would not have been brought to a successful conclusion. So, until an opportunity arises to thank Marq properly in print… thanks Marq… much appreciated!

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  1. Really nice info you have here, gracias

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