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“Music Concrète: of the Building Outside the Building” at Senate House

June 12, 2016

With apologies for not posting about this earlier, thanks to everyone who came to an excellent night at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, London, 2 June 2016. “Music Concrète: of the Building Outside the Building” was “a collaborative night of joyful experimental sound art and performance (created) using recorded sounds and sonically manipulated environmental data from Senate House Library”. The source material was recorded by Senate House artist-in-residence Hannah Thompson, and the evening featured sets by Paul Middleton & Daniel Knowler, Medial Ages, Isn’tses, Aatschlag, Raxil4, Orlando Harrison, Disinformation, and a particularly memorable contribution by real-life beekeeper Bioni Samp (with GPUD not performing owing to commitments at Senate House). Among other sound elements, the Disinformation performance showcased recent “Rorschach Audio” themed experiments, created using speech synthesis and vocoded speech recordings…

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