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“Rorschach Audio” & “National Grid” in Edinburgh

November 14, 2013


“What is Sound Design?” is a three-day symposium at The University of Edinburgh, 27 to 29 Nov 2013. Rather than structuring the symposium around technologies, techniques and specific disciplines, the symposium categorises sounds in terms of duration. Day 1 explores sound on a micro-level, from samples to seconds. Day 2 moves from seconds to scenes. Day 3 scales-up from scenes to systems. Featuring a wide range of speakers and daily concert presentations, “What is Sound Design?” invites sonic artists, musicians, designers, scientists, engineers, theorists, composers, improvisers, performers, theatre sound specialists, directors, film makers, computer-games players and developers, graphic designers, historians, technologists, archaeologists, architects, acousticians, geographers and industrial designers to explore sound in terms pertinent to us all. Day 2 features a presentation which relates ideas explored in the “Rorschach Audio” project to the theme of “sound art as mainstream cultural commodity”. Day 2 features a concert by wild-life recording artist Chris Watson and expanded percussionist Christos Michalakos. Day 3 features a concert featuring Marco Donnarumma, Owen Green, Adam Linson, and “National Grid” by Disinformation. Check the website for details and registration –

“What is Sound Design?” features contributions from Joe Banks, Jamie Bullock, Pier Daniel Cornacchia, Richard Coyne, Annette Davison, Gordon Delap, Disinformation, Andy Farnell, Michael Gallagher, Ben Gillet, Owen Green, David Hendy, Adam Linson, Philippa Lovatt, Russell MacEwan, Craig Martin, Christos Michalakos, Peter Nelson, Sandra Pauletto, Jules Rawlinson, Michel Serres, Garry Taylor, Chris Watson, Simon Waters and Sean Williams, is organised by Martin Parker, Varun Nair and Owen Green, and generously supported by The Edinburgh College of Art at The University of Edinburgh and by New Media Scotland.

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