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Strange Attractor + Disinformation electrocute musical instruments in Brighton

May 3, 2013

Joe Banks Photo

Nearly 10,000 people visited the first Disinformation solo exhibition at Fabrica gallery in Brighton in 2001, which included a “Rorschach Audio” lecture, among many elements, and variations on that exhibition toured to 8 different galleries up & down the UK. On the 24 May 2013, Disinformation returns… to perform at this year’s Brighton Fringe. Notwithstanding the opulent Angel House venue being a short hop from central Brighton over the border in Hove, Disinformation & Strange Attractor use antique high-voltage electro-medical equipment to show a bunch of electronic keyboards exactly what we think of learning to play the damn things properly.

“Circuit Blasting” is an auto-destructive art and noise performance, which is “a bit like Circuit Bending, but alot less subtle” – as the Brighton Fringe publicity states “mad science and musical madness collide in a one-of-a-kind performance… the circuits of musical instruments are overloaded to produce a startling, unrestrained series of notes, beats and patterns… electroshock therapy for your ears”.

Admission is free, unusually however the event is at 12.30 lunch-time

Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge
Angel House
1 Brunswick Terrace
Brighton & Hove
East Sussex BN3 1HN

Event curated by Mark Pilkington

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