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British Library Sound Archive – E.H. Gombrich & Richard Gregory in conversation at The ICA

March 28, 2013

Art historian and former Warburg Institute director E.H. Gombrich & experimental psychologist Richard Gregory in conversation at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, from the collection of The British Library Sound Archive. Richard Gregory introduces E.H. Gombrich as someone who (in marked contrast to much of the thinking that still dominates contemporary art) is “not at all obscurantist” and who “doesn’t feel that things are less significant because they’re explained in scientific terms” (refer to earlier posts about illusions of language and of profundity, etc)…

As the “Rorschach Audio” book goes to some lengths to stress, the understanding of sound that E.H. Gombrich developed, largely as a result of his wartime work, had a profound influence on the ideas applied in his postwar (visual arts) masterpiece “Art & Illusion”, and, as a result of Gombrich’s work monitoring Axis radio broadcasts during WW2, Gregory also introduces Gombrich as “the first person to report Hitler’s death” (as Gombrich in fact reported this to Winston Churchill, as one possible interpretation of German radio broadcasts, before the formal announcement of Hitler’s death)…

Hitler is Dead, Audio

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