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“The Clash” by Arturo Barea (“The Forging of a Rebel”) – “La Llama” / “La Forja de un Rebelde”

February 11, 2013

Rorschach Audio / The Clash

“Honour eternal is due to the brave and noble of people of Spain, worthy of better rulers and better fortune! And now that the jobs and intrigues of their juntas, the misconduct and incapacity of their generals, are sinking into the deserved obscurity of oblivion, the national resistance rises nobly out of the ridiculous details… The resistance was indeed wild, disorganised, undisciplined… but it held out to Europe an example…” – Richard Ford “Handbook for Travellers in Spain” 1845

Banned in Spain for over 30 years! See “Rorschach Audio” book page 52, and “Assigned to Listen” post below.

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