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Salman Rushdie – “Midnight’s Children” + “Rorschach Audio”

January 9, 2013

“Yes, it was an open-sesame, and when we returned to the ragged tents beneath the railway bridge, Picture Singh scrabbled in the earth and dug up the knotted handkerchief of his security, the dirt-discoloured cloth in which he had hoarded pennies for his old age; and when Durga the washerwoman refused to accompany him, saying, “What do you think, Pictureji, I am a crorepati rich woman that I can take holidays and what-all?”, he turned to me with something very like supplication in his eyes and asked me to accompany him, so that he did not have to go into his worst battle, the test of his old age, without a friend… yes, and Aadam heard it too, with his flapping ears he heard the rhythm of the magic, I saw his eyes light up as I accepted, and then we were in a 3rd class railway carriage heading south south south, and in the quinquesyllabic monotony of the wheels I heard the secret word: “Abracadabra Abracadabra Abracadabra” sang the wheels as they bore us back-to-Bom” – Salman Rushdie, “Midnight’s Children”, 1980

See “Rorschach Audio” book pages 25, 32 to 33, 133 to 137 and 177

But not as funny as Salman Rushdie playing ping-pong on The One Show!

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