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Guapo “History of the Visitation” CD + LP launch & Disinformation “Spellbound”

April 2, 2013

Spellbound - Salvador DaliKwiadan - Masaki KobayashiDisinformation Spellbound

“The effects could well be called unprecedented, magnificent, beautiful, stupendous and terrifying. No man-made phenomenon of such tremendous power had ever occurred before. The lighting effects beggared description. The whole country was lighted by a searing light with the intensity many times that of the midday sun. It was golden, purple, violet, gray and blue. It lighted every peak, crevasse and ridge of the nearby mountain range with a clarity and beauty that cannot be described but must be seen to be imagined. It was that beauty the great poets dream about but describe most poorly and inadequately. Thirty seconds after the explosion came first, the air blast pressing hard against the people and things, to be followed almost immediately by the strong, sustained, awesome roar which warned of doomsday and made us feel that we puny things were blasphemous to dare tamper with the forces heretofore reserved to The Almighty. Words are inadequate tools for the job of acquainting those not present with the physical, mental and psychological effects. It had to be witnessed to be realized.” – Brigadier-General Thomas F. Farrell, 18 July 1945

Disinformation’s “Spellbound” appears at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle, London, on 25 April 2013, to accompany the launch of the new “History of the Visitation” LP and CD by the rock band Guapo. Disinformation exhibited the “National Grid” sound installation in the “When the Dust Settles” exhibition, organised by Guapo’s David Smith, with Campbell Works gallery, in the Abbott Street bunker, Dalston, Oct 2010. The exhibition featured 3 nights of (literally underground) concerts, with “National Grid” accompanied by Sara Hubrich (violin), David Knight (guitar), James Sedwards (guitar), David Smith (percussion) and Alex Ward (clarinet) – video extracts are available on You Tube.

Where “History of the Visitation” is based on imagery of Arkady & Boris Strugatsky’s “Roadside Picnic” (filmed as “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky), the “Spellbound” video quotes from Saint Jerome and a proverb quoted in “Kwaidan” by Lafcadio Hearn, to encourage viewers to project an anthropomorphic visual illusion, transferred from a photograph of Manhattan Project director and nuclear scientist Robert Oppenheimer (“the father of the atom bomb”), onto an aerial photograph of the “lake” of green glass melted into sand of the Jornada Del Muerte, White Sands, Alamogordo, New Mexico, by the heat of the world’s first atom bomb test, on the 16th July 1945. The video title is a reference to a strikingly similar image (pictured), produced in the same year by Salvador Dali for the dream-sequence in the Alfred Hitchcock film “Spellbound”, and the “Ki ga aréba…” proverb is alluded to as a visual image, rather than quoted in dialogue, in the “Yuki Onna” section of Masaki Kobayashi’s 1964 “Kwaidan” film (also pictured). Contemporary Japanese usage is pronounced “Kaidan”, as the “Kwaidan” title apparently refers to old Japanese, and the “ghost” of Robert Oppenheimer is obviously one that (so-to-speak) still actively haunts Japan. The “Spellbound” exhibit (see video capture) was originally commissioned by Fabrica gallery, for the first Disinformation solo exhibition in 2001.

Guapo + Stars in Battledress + Disinformation
Thursday, 25 April 2013
Corsica Studios
4 Elephant Road
London SE17 1LB

気があれば、目も口ほどに 物を言う。

See “Rorschach Audio” book pages 127 and 128

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