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Disinformation + Joshua Bonnetta “Babylone Electrifiée”

Babylone Electrifiée

“Babylone Electrifiée” by Joshua Bonnetta and Disinformation
Video + Sound Installations
Curated by Damien Simon
Exhibition continues until 22 Nov 2014

Le Bon Accueil – Lieu d’Art Contemporain
74 Canal Saint-Martin
35700 Rennes

The “Babylone Electrifiée” exhibition features “The Analysis of Beauty”, “National Grid” and “Blackout” (Sound Mirrors) by Disinformation, and “Strange Lines & Distances” by Joshua Bonnetta.

Sound Mirrors 1997 –
Sound Mirrors 1997 –

“Rorschach Audio” lecture-demonstration in Leeds

Rorschach Audio

Weds 22 Oct 2014, 2pm to 3.30pm
Lecture Theatre D
Chemistry Building
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT

Admission is free and the lecture is open to the public. The presentation is part of the Visiting Artist’s Talk series organised by The School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds. Speakers last year included Stelarc, David Batchelor and Penelope Curtis. Visitors this year include Jennifer Higgie, Sally Tallant and Grace Schwindt.

“Rorschach Audio” talk in Feb 2014, organised by Argos & Overtoon

“Rorschach Audio” lecture-demonstration recorded at the Argos Centre for Art & Media, Brussels, organised with the sonic arts platform Overtoon, 13 Feb 2014. This video documents a number of arguments not included in the earliest “Rorschach Audio” lectures – “Speech itself is an art-form”, “The earliest from of sound recording technology was… written language”, “Sound art is one of, if not the, most mainstream… of cultural commodities”, the discourse about the sonic art of the 17th century dramatist John Dennis, and demonstrations of Sine-Wave Speech and of the illusions produced by “The Analysis of Beauty” installation (alongside older elements like clips from the film “Orphée” by Jean Cocteau). The Q&A then responds to some great questions – discussing Pawel Jastreboff’s theory of tinnitus and auditory hypersensitivity; Erik Bunger’s exhibit “The Girl Who Never Was”, the “ear-lids” hypothesis and Theodor Adorno; the role of evolutionary biology in the formation of perceptual faculties; debate about analogue vs. digital in context of music perception; then finally debate about the role of religious identity and of the Vatican in the EVP movement. Thanks again to Aernoudt Jacobs and to Ive Stevenheydens.

To purchase Diana Deutsch CDs, please follow this link – +

Backwards televangelists listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”… forwards!

Almost as “postmodern” as the hidden messages in the You Tube videos of the Spongebob Squarepants theme-tune… REVERSED

Thanks to Simon Halsberghe for the heads-up!

Hard-copy research materials used in “Rorschach Audio”

Rorschach Audio Research Materials -2

A selection of the hard-copy research materials used in the “Rorschach Audio” project (not including academic research papers or newspaper and magazine articles).

“Rorschach Audio” reviewed (in Dutch) in Gonzo Circus (Muziek, Kunst, Meer) …

Sine-Wave Speech Sequence – Disinformation July 2014

Speech-synthesis and sine-wave speech demonstration video, prepared for the artist project Disinformation, premiered in the PoetryFilm “Sounds of Love” event, at the Southbank Centre, London, 19 July 2014. “Sounds of Love” was conceived and curated by Malgorzata Kitowski, and featured performances, readings and films by Billy Childish with Eugene Doyen, Sarah Pucill, Eduardo Kac, Disinformation, Tim Cumming, Cristina Viti with Gad Hollander, Malgorzata Kitowski, John Smith, and Simon Barraclough with Oliver Barrett and Jack Wake-Walker.

One interesting aspect of sine-wave speech is that contrary to one misconception, sine-wave speech demonstrations do not normally produce illusions of sound. What listening to sine-wave speech demonstrations reveals to listeners is instead the projective aspect of auditory perception. Now, that projective faculty may also (very occasionally and from time-to-time) cause us to experience audio illusions, but, as with most other perceptions, the specific perceptions experienced as a result of learning to “read” meaning into sine-wave speech are usually accurate, not illusory. The meanings that, after exposure to the original naturally-recorded voices, then “jump-out” of previously obscure sine-wave speech, are real meanings – with the effect that what such demonstrations really show listeners is how learning and how knowledge contribute to the active formation of (illusory and real) perceptions. Note some of the audio content in this sequence is decidedly tongue-in-cheek.

For more information on Sine-Wave Speech click this link -

Roentgenizdat – Undercover Bust & Stilyagi Interviews

Roentgenizdat – street distribution, undercover cop bust & Stilyagi interviews


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