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“Rorschach Audio” books available at Ti Pi Tin bookshop…

Rorschach Audio at Ti Pi Tin bookshop

Thanks to everyone who came to the (packed) “Rorschach Audio” lecture at the Freud Museum last night (and thanks for all your great comments and questions). A few normal price copies of the book have surfaced at the Ti Pi Tin bookshop in Stoke Newington, snap ’em up quick…

Rorschach Audio workshop at MUMA, Melbourne

Rorschach Audio workshop at MUMA

Participant worksheets from the Rorschach Audio post-lecture workshop, organised by Liquid Architecture at MUMA, Melbourne (photo by Anabelle Lacroix)…

The Freud Museum presents “The Portrait of Jean Genet” video installation

Disinformation - Portrait of Jean Genet

As part of the “Festival of the Unconscious” exhibition, the Freud Museum presents “The Portrait of Jean Genet” by Disinformation. “The Portrait of Jean Genet” is a potentially infinite sound and video installation, based on the final interview given by the French burglar, prostitute and playwright Jean Genet, shortly before Genet’s own death. As a vivid articulation of the psychoanalytic concepts of Eros and Thanatos, Genet mishears the interviewer Nigel Williams, asking “Vous avez dit, L’Amour?” (“Did you say… Love”), because “J’ai entendu La Mort” (“I heard… Death”). In terms of “Rorschach Audio” type mishearings, the terms “L’Amour” and “La Mort” sound essentially identical, and are disambiguated by understanding their use in context. “The Portrait of Jean Genet” draws an analogy between the way in which listeners disambiguate perceptions of so-called “homophonic” sounds, and the way viewers project contradictory interpretations onto ambiguous visual figures, such as the spontaneously-reversing cube discovered by the Swiss crystallographer and geographer Louis Albert Necker.

“The Portrait of Jean Genet” is based on a static artwork of the same name, that was first published on the Flickr website in 2011, and then re-published in the book “Rorschach Audio” in 2012. “The Portrait of Jean Genet” video has been screened at PoetryFilm events at The ICA (London, 2014) & CCCB (Barcelona, 2015), and is exhibited with thanks to Zata Banks, Alex Hammond and James Register, to The Arts & Humanities Research Council, to Claire Craig and MOT International.

The “Festival of the Unconscious” exhibition also features “The Analysis of Beauty” and “Theophany” by Disinformation. “The Analysis of Beauty” is an oscilloscope exhibit which explores the artist William Hogarth’s concept of the Serpentine Line, and “Theophany” (The Voice of God) is an electromagnetic sound installation which lasts for exactly 0.083 seconds. The exhibition also features work by artist Julian Rothenstein (co-author of the best-selling “Psychobox”), “The Dream Collector” by artist Melanie Manchot, exhibits by Brass Art (featuring Monty Adkins), Sarah Ainslie and Martin Bladh, newly commissioned films by animators from Kingston University, an installation by stage designers from The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, “The Unconscious Project” by practitioners from the MA Art Psychotherapy course at Goldsmiths College, performances by the artist Lili Spain and by poet Reveal, and a major conference with keynote speaker the psychoanalyst and neurosurgeon Mark Solms.

The Festival of the Unconscious
24 June to 4 October 2015
The Freud Museum
20 Maresfield Gardens
London NW3 5SX

A “Rorschach Audio” lecture-demonstration also follows at The Freud Museum on July 23 –

Many thanks to everyone who came to the capacity shows in Melbourne – apologies to those who couldn’t get in, and special thanks to Joel Stern, Liquid Architecture and Gertrude Contemporary, and to Francis Parker and all at MUMA Melbourne.

Boots and Cats! Speech Science for Fun & Profit!

Thanks to Francis Parker for the heads-up!

A series of articles on Konstantin Raudive’s colleague Hans Bender…

A series of articles from Spiegel Magazine about Konstantin Raudive’s colleague and supporter Hans Bender… it was Hans Bender in fact who Raudive quoted as stating that the importance of EVP “is equal to nuclear physics”!
“Parapsychology – Clairvoyant Scammers?”; 28 Jan 1959
“Parapsychology – Psi Fugitives”; 20 Feb 1967
“Affären – Dr Psi” (Business – Dr Psi); 28 Feb 1977
“Parapsychology – Controlled Zombie”; 22 Aug 1983 *
Hans Bender obituary; 13 May 1991

* scroll down

Rorschach Audio + Disinformation at MUMA Melbourne & Gertrude Contemporary

Hermann Rorschach - Rorschach Audio

Image [above]: Hermann Rorschach in 1921

Against the backdrop of “Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits” – an exhibition of and dedicated to the work of the Victorian Spiritualist painter Georgiana Houghton – Liquid Architecture and the Monash University Museum of Art are pleased to present British sound artist and writer Joe Banks in Australia for the first time. At Gertrude Contemporary, Joe Banks will deliver a lecture entitled “Rorschach Audio”, as part of the “Theories and Histories of Sound” series presented in association with Discipline. MUMA will also present a special concert by sonic arts project Disinformation as part of MUMA’s new “Sound Spaces” program…

Rorschach Audio – Lecture & Demonstration
Weds 3 June 2015
6:30pm to 8pm
Gertrude Contemporary
200 Gertrude St
Fitzroy VIC 3065

The talk will be followed by a short response from artist and researcher Ceri Hann (RMIT) before opening the floor to discussion

Disinformation – Concert
Thurs 4 June 2015
6:30pm to 8pm
Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA
Monash University Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield East VIC 3145

Rorschach Audio – Discussion + Workshop
Sat 6 June 2015
3:00pm to 4:30pm TBC
Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA
Monash University Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield East VIC 3145

“While other young artists were subscribing to Artforum, Joe was devouring journals on defence electronics and communications psychology…”

Paul Nomex, 1968 to 2014, R.I.P.

Paul Nomex - photo copyright Jo Burzynska

Paul Nomex – photo courtesy Jo Burzynska

Googling information around the exhibition at The Auricle in New Zealand (see earlier post), I was devastated to learn about the death of pioneering noise DJ and sound artist Paul Nomex. From the mid to late 1990s Paul was a stalwart of the nascent South London noise scene, producing a series of ground-breaking releases on his Adverse record label, and contributing blinding sets to (among many others) the “Principles of Electronic Warfare” event that Disinformation programmed at The ICA (30 March 2000). Nomex and Disinformation also performed together at the (now defunct) 121 Centre in Brixton, at a Strange Attractor event at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, and recorded a collaborative version of “National Grid” (intended to feature on an Adverse CD, but sadly never released). Paul was a real enthusiast and innovator, and was immensely amiable. Paul “Nomex” Kidd died in a motorbike crash near the Kawarau River in New Zealand in Feb 2014, sadly missed…

Paul Nomex, in his element –


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